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The perfect time to spring into action and diagnose the air conditioning is when you feel that the air is not as cold as it used to be. This may be combined with a compressor cycling on and off frequently.

When the your air conditioning system is still cooling, but not blowing the ice-cold air that it use to and the compressor is clicking on and off this can be an indication of a small leak. But more importantly a further indication that there is still Freon in the system for leak testing. It is important to catch diagnose and resolve these minor issues before its to late. If your system runs out of Freon and oil you run the risk of losing your compressor and damaging you’re a/c system. What could have been just repairing a small leak has now turned into an expensive mess.

We have the capability to diagnose your a/c issues accurately. We can check your Freon levels, leak test your system, check line pressures to ensure your system is working properly. If its not we have the experience to make any needed repairs to your system and at a quality level you expect. You can be assured you’re a/c system will function properly when cared for by ABAR ON SITE FLEET SERVICES.

Brake Systems

The heat produced by large vehicles, combined with the tremendous pressure placed on the brake components every day result in rather large, recurring fleet maintenance costs. The vehicle down-time, the material expenses, and the labor alone are just a few of the redundant expenditures incurred from typical fleet maintenance.

With every PM Service that we conduct our experienced technicians inspect brake systems for abnormal wear and tear and damages. With our regular scheduled PM routine you are more incline to catch a brake issue before it turns the corner into a major expense and incurs significant vehicle down time.

Using Quality brake pads along with regular maintenance can make all the difference in the world.

Some of the benefits of using High Quality Brake Pads/shoes:

  • Extended brake rotor/drum life
  • Decreased pad wear
  • Temperature reduction of brake pad, caliper, and wheel
  • Eliminates drag between brake rotor and brake pads
  • Lower brake fluid and bearing temperatures
  • Less induced stress
  • Consistent braking (eliminates judder)
  • Drastically reduces brake fade
  • Eliminates rotor WARPING & RUNNOUT
  • Reduce Heat cracking of brake drums

  • No question a properly functioning and maintained brake system will save you money in more ways than one but more importantly will play a significant role in preventing an accident that could do way more damage than just to your pocket book. Keep your crew safe, let us inspect your brake system.


    When it comes to Hydraulic systems, most companies spend their money backwards. They dump good portions of the repair budget into hydraulic system repairs but do not spend all that much on Preventative Maintenance. One thing is certain, the number 1 cause of hydraulic system component failures is lack of good preventative maintenance. It is important to have the personnel who maintains the equipment know the proper maintenance techniques of a hydraulic system. Maintaining hydraulic systems is two fold. In addition to the preventative maintenance, it is also required as a system ages to do corrective maintenance, often times you will need to make adjustments and corrections on your hydraulic system to ensure continued proper functionality and get the maximum life out of your system.

    We have the capabilities to diagnose, service, and repair the hydraulic systems on your vehicles. We can repair or replace hydraulic hoses, fittings, adapters, connectors on any hydraulic system. We also provide complete preventative maintenance services for any make or model hydraulic system your vehicles may be equipped with, including hydraulic booms, hydraulic ladders, hydraulic cranes, hydraulic lift / dump bed systems , hydraulic cylinder rebuilds and replacement, hydraulic lift gate systems.


    Lift gates are a huge part of the commercial fleet industry. A properly functioning lift gate can help reduce labor costs, get deliveries to their destination in an efficient manner and keep your crew safe and free from injury. Of course proper maintenance plays a vital role in how reliable your lift gate system will be over the years. Maintenance of any lift gate system is required in achieving peak performance and longevity over the life of the lift gate.

    No matter what type you may have, hydraulic, electric, rail, tuck away, gravity down / power down, there are some key things you can do to help keep component failure at bay. Ensuring hydraulic oil is maintained at proper levels , changed out regularly along with replacing the hydraulic filter. Make sure no water is working its way into the hydraulic fluid tank contaminating the hydraulic oil. These factors could lead to costly repairs such as damage to the hydraulic pump motor or hydraulic cylinders. Greasing the joints and contact surfaces such as inside the rail will help reduce wear on the friction materials that in time without proper maintenance will eventually wear uneven which will in turn lead to your lift gate resting uneven, not properly stowing, or getting jammed in a position that will disable your truck until corrected. These issues can almost always be avoided.

    With our experience at ABAR ON-SITE FLEET SERVICES we can ensure the health of your lift gate system with the proper maintenance required and conducted at the proper intervals. You will also have the confidence if your lift gate needs service that we at ABAR ON SITE FLEET SERVICES have the knowhow to make the quality repairs needed to your lift gate system that will get your unit back in line and safe to operate.